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Future Training and Events


Future Forum Training and Events

The following list of training events may or may not be organised by Forum. Where they are organised by external individuals or organisations "Forum" is not, and cannot be, responsible for the content or organisation of the event. If you are at all unsure whether to proceed or not you should contact the course organiser for further guidance. Please see individual course headings below for organiser details:


 Introduction to Dramatherapy and the Sesame Approach

Workshop facilitated by
Laura Hurkett

This workshop aims to introduce Dramatherapy and the Sesame Approach and includes
experiential therapy sessions for individuals to gain understanding first-hand.
Dramatherapy is a form of arts psychotherapy which focuses on the practise of using
exercises derived from Drama and Theatre, which are rationalised by a variety of
psychological theories. It’s used to support, heal, comfort and provide therapy to an
individual person or group of people. A dramatherapy session, may draw on mediums such
as drama exercises, stories, myths, images, play, mask
work, puppetry and voice to help our clients
unconsciously explore and examine relationships,
perceptions and experiences that are pertinent to them,
all while experiencing the nurturing, creative parts of
The Sesame Approach to Dramatherapy is heavily
influenced by the theories of psychologist Carl Jung and
movement practitioner Rudolf Laban. Movement
therapy is the practise of using movement to explore
emotions, images, and promote psychological and
emotional healing through the body, and works to
promote support and healing within a session.

The workshop aims to cover the following issues:
 Basic theory underlying Dramatherapy
 Basic theory underlying the Sesame Approach, and how it is implemented with
 The theory & practice of working with Movement and Myth within a session
 The ‘Sesame’ structure and its benefits.
 Experiential therapy sessions for individuals to gain first-hand experience

Laura Hurkett Drama and Movement Therapist working in private practice and Academic
Specialist and Associate Lecturer in ‘Introduction to Dramatherapy’ at the University of
the West of England. with a special interest in self-destructive behaviour in children and adolescents


Further details and booking form attached  Individual-Booking-Form-Dramatherapy-October-2019.pdf






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